Building a Jewellery Capsule

I was today years old when I found out about the term, Jewellery Capsule. 

My google newsfeed shared this article from InStyle with me the other day, and I thought you might find it interesting too.

They talk about a Capsule Wardrobe, which basically means curating versatile pieces of valuable items over time that can be worn in different ways for example from day to night. These items will be worn for years to come, and not only seasons, in the end building the right capsule wardrobe for you, will only make your life easier. Remember, it takes time. Finding your personal style is a long process and doesn't happen over night. 

Now, it's not about owning nothing and only holding onto the bare minimum. The idea is to be a little more self aware of the items we purchase. If you really think about it, how much of what we have just sits there, forever.  

It's about owning go-to pieces that you love, are fun, versatile and express your individuality. That's the fun of fashion, we can express our personalities in so many ways, everyday! 😃

This principle can be applied to many aspects of our lives actually.


  "To me, earrings and rings are essentials because they can completely change you, and they work on everyone." - Jen Wang


When it comes to building a jewellery capsule, InStyle had a few timeless suggestions: 

  • Studs: can be worn everyday and are easy to style.
  • Hoops: look just as great with a t-shirt as they do with a dress.
  • Necklaces: versatility is key, ideally you'd like to collect subtle pieces that will finish off an evening dress, as well as bold pieces to match a simpler dress. Bonus if necklaces can be layered and worn together. If you can afford one, a petite diamond necklace for sparkle.
  • Dainty Bracelets, as a go-to.
  • Bold gold cuffs with simple gold statement earrings.
  • Watches: if you love bracelets, wear a vintage watch.
  • Rings: There are no rules. Have fun, bring personality and emotion into your jewellery collection.



      How to wear your jewellery capsule: 

      • Mix and Match, find pieces that work well together and separately.
      • Mix Metals, combine colours and pieces you don't normally wear together.
      • Stack Bracelets, an easy way to add fun and flare to your outfit.
      • Layered Necklaces, work best with multiple lengths, start with a short chain and add a longer chains.

      Splurge or save?

      Save on trendier pieces and splurge on the classics. 

      PS: the images used in this post are of a few pieces in my personal jewellery capsule.



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