Inspired by Marilyn Monroe

This mixed media painting captures Marilyn Monroe's charm and the challenges of her era.

36 lips symbolise kisses aimed at her, those she blew, pin-up appearance and her age at passing. The offset border evokes discomfort, comparable to feelings when exploited.

Flowers and mosaic backdrop represent the artist's identity. Gilded accents honour her iconic song and her glamorous aura.

  • In this painting, I've channeled Marilyn Monroe's endearing charm, juxtaposed with the challenges she faced in her era. The lips symbolise both the men who aimed their kisses at her and the kisses she blew, totalling 36, marking her age at her untimely departure. 

  • The concept of the "pinned" lips on the canvas draws inspiration from the childhood game "pin the donkey tail," symbolising her sweet, damsel-in-distress charm pursued by many, much like the attempts to pin a tail on the donkey. This idea also reflects her playful allure and the pin-up girl aesthetics that was captured and desired.

  • The intentional offset border instills discomfort, comparable to the feeling of deception. The flowers and mosaic backdrop are facets of my artistic identity as well as drawn from her delicate femininity. They serve as a bridge to understanding, reminding us, as women, of our shared experiences amidst our differences. Mirroring how we, as women, can relate to one another despite our unique paths. The gilded accents pay homage to her iconic song, "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend," and the dazzling glamour that surrounded her.


Size: 60 x 45 cm
Thickness: 3mm


  • cotton canvas
  • acrylic paint
  • water-paint
  • gilded gold
  • metalic paints
  • permanent markers

The original is currently not for sale. Framed print variations will be available on Ingrini's shop soon.

The Making of, 36 Kisses

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