Ingrini Painting – Haarlem, The Netherlands

A video of Ingrini's first painting uploaded to Ingrini’s Instagram.
This year, I have been completing old and exploring new pieces. They are inspired by my family and places in The Netherlands, with focus on architecture (dad), flowers (mom), and modern art (brother).
I can’t wait to share more pieces with you!
The acrylic painting includes clouds made of real crushed flower petals and metal art flakes. Illustrations done in black and metallic permanent markers. 
Total time spent: 40 hours

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Story Time

I LOVE making jewellery, but every now and then I need to take a step back and pour my creativity out else where, maintaining that healthy creative balance. 

And when you see me dabbling in something else, it’s most likely been influenced by my family of creatives. 

Mom can basically sew and make anything, from doll houses with actual lights to beautiful home decor, gardening and wedding attire  – mom, I can hear you: “oh no I’m not that good, don’t tell the people I can sew wedding outfits”, she says as she graced my brother’s wedding in a beautiful outfit and people asked “where did you BUY that?” Take it from me, she is so talented!
Speaking of brother – as kids we were the perfect balance between chilled and drastic. When I say chilled, if you think you know “chilled”, you haven’t met my brother. And not drastic, but rather, “looking at life with a passionate heart” 😁 (i.e me).
When my brother wasn’t imitating a werewolf to scare his sister, he made the most amazing things out of ordinary A4 printer paper, from a pair of shoes to a teeny tiny aeroplane. His whole life, he loved drawing and as a student had a side hustle where he designed and screen print clothing in our apartment himself. Enter the workforce, he started as a Graphic Designer and became a self-taught Frontend Developer. Yes, I am a very proud sister.
Last and definitely not least, the main man himself, my dad. Architect, painter and seriously a man who you name it, he can make it. Now I can also hear my dad shouting from South Africa: “no gogga*, don’t say that I can make everything!” Well Dad, when have you ever told me you couldn’t? Exactly. Never.
*gogga – meaning “little bug”, a name my dad still calls me to this day ❤️
As an architect he has designed homes, hospitals, prisons and retirement villages just to name a few. For as long as I can remember, my dad has painted and his pieces were all over our house. He taught me how to paint. I’m not just saying this because he is my dad, but he seriously is so brilliant that it breaks my heart that the world doesn’t know about his paintings. 
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