The Making of, It's Complicated



This painting has truly been a journey for me.
There are 2 aspects to its creation:

  1. reason
  2. technique

The inspiration behind this piece, It's Complicated, is from a pair of earrings that belonged to my mom. I love the unique shape and the luminous orange stone. The artwork is named, It's Complicated, because the artwork itself consists of many layers of texture, mirroring the roller coaster of emotions I've experienced in my business journey the last year.


Reason: Jewellery and/or Painting

I've always been a firm believer in the power of positivity, even during challenging times like recessions. I hold the belief that where there's a will, there's a way. However, reality sometimes has other plans and we can't control everything.

At the same time, the marketing side of my business is not as regular as recommended, which results in repercussions like sliding into the arse end of Instagram's algorithm. However, I'm trying my best and working on improving on it.  

Business is business. All of what is happening is simply part of life, forever changing, forever evolving, forever unpredictable. It is what it is 😊. I'm really fine, a little bit of a deer in headlights at times, but definitely not defeated. Simply figuring things out.

In the beginning of this year, I released a Bridal and Special Occasion Collection using the last jewellery materials I had in stock. I poured my heart into designing a collection that would be the best jewellery pieces Ingrini ever made. I was fortunate to have a few sales, but not enough to continue making jewellery. 

I have a genuine passion for Ingrini, and quitting is not an option at this point. I've come a long way, and although the future of Ingrini's jewellery line remains uncertain for now, I'm not ruling out the possibility entirely. Instead, I plan to channel the valuable experience gained from jewellery making into broader creative endeavours.

I had canvases and paint that had been gathering dust for a while, and saw this as an opportunity to rejuvenate myself and redefine Ingrini. Give it all a little think-a-roo

Everything that I know about painting I taught myself, learned from my dad who is a brilliant painter, and online. As a child, I loved observing my dad while he worked on architectural plans and paintings, occasionally I'd paint alongside him, absorbing all his invaluable tips and tricks. 




My vision for this abstract painting was to create something fun, fresh and with happy appeal that will imbue any space with unique character.

The original artwork measures 40 x 30 cm and is not currently available for purchase. The background hues draw inspiration from the complementary colors of the orange gemstone found in the earrings, although this stone ironically doesn't prominently feature in the painting. This subtle absence foreshadows the uncertainty and upheaval I experienced in my business journey.

This piece is an enlarged print of the original acrylic painted artwork, lovingly hand-embellished with gilded gold.

The floral motifs and intricate lines are directly inspired by the design and floral elements of the earrings. Real dried flower petals and delicate skeleton leaves adorn the original piece, adding a touch of natural beauty. My venture into gold gilding with this artwork marked my first experience with this medium, and I've developed a deep appreciation for it. It's a feature I intend to incorporate into future pieces and use to enhance limited edition prints of the original, infusing each piece with a special and unique quality, just like you and me. 😊





Technique: Trust the Process 

The video below shows the entire process of this piece. 



Product specifications:

  • Size: 80 x 60 cm
  • Frame: Oak antique look
  • Material: Printed photo (260 gsm) with glossy white gloss finish
  • Glass: Acrylic



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Your work is truly amazing, creative, filled with love and exhuberates everything that you stand for. Always believe in yourself and the beautiful pieces that you create because we are all excited to see every single new piece!


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