Crossandra Fortuna

Just by looking at the Crossandra Fortuna one can tell that this unusual looking plant must be rather special. The plant is popular and for so many beautiful reasons. 


  • it is also known as firecracker flower
  • originates from India, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and Madagascar
  • there are about 50 species of Crossandra
  • grows 30cm to 45cm inches indoors and up to 90cm outdoors
  • in India it is used to decorate hair and used as a symbol of prosperity

This amazing little plant has a long shelf life meaning their leaves and flowers can preserve themselves for a very long time. Ingrini can only describe the flowers in full bloom as poofs of coral. When the plant is happy and healthy, the flowers bloom in abundance.

In India the name Aboli* means Firecracker flower and is usually given to a girl. The name is associated with something pleasant and beautiful.


Green Fingers

The Crossandra Fortuna can generally be bought from March till October and is fairly easy to look after. They grow happily in bright places, but not in direct sunlight, both indoors and outdoors. The Crossandra is heat-tolerant and cold-sensitive, as it originated in the tropics. Water twice a week and remove old flowers every so often to retain a rich, floral display.


Pet Friendliness

Hurray! The Crossandra is safe to keep around your fur babies.
This extraordinary plant is non-toxic to both cats and dogs (and even horses).



Ingrini would like to give a big thank you to the following sources who provided very insightful information in order to write this post:

  • Flora & Fauna Web

*could have different meanings in other countries.

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