The Dahlia flower is as beautiful as the name sounds. Their flowers can range from a dinner plate size to the size of tiny pompoms.


Interesting Facts about the Dahlia

  • Native to Mexico and was declared the national flower of Mexico in 1963
  • 42 species of the Dahlia
  • Colours can be white, yellow, bright red, purple, orange or pink
  • 120 days growing season
  • In 1570 they were used as a source of food and to treat epilepsy
  • Related to the Sunflower, Daisy and Chrysanthemum

Green Fingers

The Dahlia plant can bloom for months. They love humid, moderate climates and don’t grow well in extreme heat. While Ingrini’s Dahlia has been relatively easy to look after, there are quite a few gardening tips out there for those interested in planting Dahlia tubers. Almanac has a very thorough article on how to prepare, plant and maintain your Dahlia.


Pet Friendliness

As exotically beautiful as this plant is, it is unfortunately very toxic to both cats and dogs. If your pet does eat or chew on any part of the dahlia, you will need to get to a veterinary as soon as possible. According to Pets The Nest, there is no time for hesitation. If digested it can cause skin inflammation, irritation, nonstop scratching, pawing, oily skin, loss of clumps of fur and frequent, runny bowel movements.



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