There are hundreds of species of geraniums.

They range in size, shape and colours, and are celebrated with friendship and wishes for good health. In America, the flower is viewed as a symbol of happiness and positive emotions.

Interesting Facts about Geraniums

  • Most Geraniums are native to southern Africa, but some originated in Australia, New Zealand and the Middle East
  • They range from 30 cm in height to 180 cm in the wild
  • The most popular scent is sold as a mosquito repellent because its leaves release a lemon/citronella scent
  • Some Geraniums have strong fragrances, such as citrus, apple, and peppermint. Making them very useful in the perfume industry.

Green fingers

The Geranium is a beautiful and fragrant plant for summer gardens, window ledges and hanging baskets. They are easy to care for.

Pet Friendliness

Unfortunately, the geranium is not pet-friendly. Be cautious and keep them away from your fur babies. If you already have geraniums, there’s no need for serious concern, but do be aware that they could cause skin irritation and vomiting.

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