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Hello, I'm Claudia and I make exclusive jewellery and wall decor pieces, inspired by flowers and landscapes.

Ingrini is named after three women who inspired my love for flowers and all things pretty: Ingrid, Doreen and Chrissie
(mother and grandmothers).

About Ingrini

Once upon a time, a sentimental bouquet sparked the journey of Ingrini, aiming to make flowers eternal.

Let me paint a picture: 2015, my Cape Town apartment revamped into an art-lab of flowers.
Petals danced on ceramics, flirted with glass, and even waltzed onto drawings until they found their true love in jewellery.

Ingrini pieces are special because every piece is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. No twinsies!
Each flaunts its Certificate of Authenticity, complete with a special identification number that you can be validated online, on Ingrini's Archive.

Get to know Ingrini better

Creative Life Journey

My life journey began in my birth town Bloemfontein, South Africa (directly translated, flower fountain), my childhood was filled with escapades of pure sunshine on a charming smallholding. We relocated to Cape Town when I was 8 years old and the beautiful city became my home.

After school, I dabbled in Photography and Desktop Publishing, waltzing my way to a Creative Brand/Visual Communications degree with a dash of Art Direction flair.

In the corporate jungle, I've swung from being a Conceptual Artist and Marketing Assistant in the EduTech realm to teaching English in Thailand. I even got my hands in the printing and branding cookie jar, mastering design, office wizardry, and all things business.

Then 2015 whispered, "Go solo!" I embarked my career as an independent Graphic Designer and Entrepreneur of a business called Golden Tech, aiding the tech-challenged in their golden years. 

Fast forward to 2017, my partner, Ohana our cat, and I crossed continents to settle in the Netherlands, a haven of inspiration. Here, amidst tulips and windmills, my creative spirit found new life, gifting me the enchanting world of Ingrini. 🌷✨

How Ingrini pieces are made

It all starts by venturing out and sourcing flowers from the most amazing little shops or nurseries, but nothing comes close to finding the perfect flower growing in a natural setting, even if it is my own garden.

Onto the behind-the-scenes magic.

Petals are gently coaxed away and then embark on a week-long spa retreat—pressed until they're perfectly dried. 🌺✨

The grand unveiling is a moment of pure joy! With a petal palette in hand, the design adventure begins. Inspiration swirls from colors, landscapes, and snippets of my world. Sometimes it's a planned masterpiece, and other times, the muse strikes in a spontaneous dance of creativity.

But the journey doesn't end there!

A piece's grand debut involves a meticulous photoshoot, weaving its tale on the Ingrini shop stage and dazzling on Instagram and Facebook. Because every creation deserves its moment in the spotlight 😊

Ingrini is a one-woman show

Everything you see around Ingrini is all done by me

I really am in love with what I do and my heart spills with so much happiness having the opportunity to create beautiful art terrariums filled with floral secrets.

Ingrini Shop

Ingrini operates exclusively online and does not have a physical storefront.

This digital approach allows me to focus on the artistry that define's Ingrini, ensuring a seamless and immersive experience for Ingrini's cherished customers.

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