Courage Collection

This collection is named after the strength we find to keep trying.

  • In life, things go pear shaped from time to time.

    We find ourselves overwhelmed by 100 things we decide to take on all at once, with one deadline.

    From my POV, self employment has proven to be a very challenging undertaking this year, or maybe it’s the end of year silly season feeling that’s catching up with me. Whatever it is, it grabbed and pulled at me heart strings. Hard.

    Everything I tried, wasn’t working. Supplies I ordered, didn’t work with my ideas.

    We all experience a moment of doubt when it comes to things in our lives, and when it goes bad we ask ourselves if it’s worth what feels like a slow tumble down a steep incline. Why not quit now while ahead? Everything is falling apart at the same time anyway?

  • “NO!” I say. 

    We don’t work hard to see dreams vanish over night.

    I’m not given up. You not giving up. We are still here. That’s the important part. We can do whatever we put our minds and hearts to. 

    These pieces are different to the usual Ingrini designs as some do not include real petals. And to switch things up a little, I replaced chain with macrame cord.  The colours are inspired by soothing sunrises and sunsets. 
    I’m proud of them. 

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