Ingrini Collections

Conceptual pieces inspired by seasons, trends, stories and people from around the world.

Braille Jewellery

This collection is inspired by those living with visual impairments who have a unique perspective and connection with the world. In my opinion, they have hearts filled with love that appreciates life in a profound way. 

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Inspired by the artists personal collection gathered in South Africa, Thailand and The Netherlands. 

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Beautiful Words

Ingrini's Ostentatious Glossary

The following pieces are named after elegant and rare words with beautiful meanings. Identify an emotion or feeling with a name.

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Inspired by the action of millions of exceptional people standing together to help one another. 

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Designed to add that final touch, the je ne sais quoi, to your outfit.

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Something Blue

Inspired by Ingrini’s Instagram followers of 2019 including precious Forget Me Not petals.

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Limited Collections

These Ingrini Collections are released sporadically during the year featuring limited edition pieces and seasonal designs. Follow Ingrini on Instagram to know when they are available.

The Salsa

I absolutely love working with Salma and proudly introduce our special collaboration of wearable art pieces.

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Named after the strength we find to keep trying, you can do whatever your heart desires.

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Forget You Never

Remind someone you love that they are never forgotten and always in your heart.

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