Oh Honey

I am sooo excited to introduce these original Ingrini Designed earrings 😃

  • The dreamy Oh Honey earrings are the perfect addition to add that final touch to your outfit. 

    These earrings will definitely make your day, no matter the season. They are inspired by our earth’s precious honey bees, handmade with love, not mass-produced, and are numbered individually as part of their own collection.

    The honeycombs are made of stainless steel rings that are handwoven together using tarnish-resistant wire. The delicate wire petals are handmade including real dried petals and metal art flakes that are sealed in resin. After assembling into flowers, they are embellished with glass crystal and acrylic beads.

  • The honeycomb inspired ring background does takes time, and patience - I can't tell you how many times I've dropped rings and how many times I've stabbed myself with wire.

    I LOVE EACH AND EVERY PART of making these earrings.

    Speaking of - Disclaimer Alert - my hands have seen better days 😅 please bare with them, I tried adding a filter for viewing pleasure, but there is still evidence of injuries.

  • Oh Honey Collection pieces are also made-to-order 🌷 however, every so often they are ready and available on Ingrini's shop (click here to see Oh Honey pieces currently available). Keep an eye on Ingrini's Instagram to be first to know when they are released.

The Making of Oh Honey