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Collaborating with Ingrini

Thank you very much for your interest in collaborating with Ingrini. It is a big compliment and an honour that you would like to share Ingrini with your followers. 

For information about Ingrini Collaborations, please read here

Drying Petals

Remove petals from the flower

Lay them flat between two pieces of tissue (avoid paper towels with design indentations)

Make sure the petals do not overlap each other.

Place your tissue between two hard surfaces (between books, pages of a heavy book or in a flower press)

Ensure there is weight pressing down.

Check the tissue after 4 days to make sure it does not feel damp. If so, replace with fresh tissues. It is very important to avoid excess moisture or your petals will decay.

It takes approximately one week to dry the petals. However, it might take longer depending on the flower type.

Keep your petals pressed until they are completely dried. There should be no moisture residual on your tissues.

Jewellery Care Corner

Taking care of your Ingrini Jewellery pieces

Ingrini jewellery uses stainless steel and/or 925 sterling silver parts that are allergy-proof, and the chance of discolour or fading is minimal. Your jewellery won’t lose its sparkle, come rain or shine.

However, to maintain your beauties its recommended not to wear Ingrini jewellery pieces while:

  • swimming
  • exercising
  • cleaning
  • applying body lotion, makeup, and perfume

Please remember to wear the stainless steel butterfly backs with your earrings to prevent losing them. Keep them safe and store your jewellery in your Ingrini, environmentally friendly, jewellery box.

Ingrini does not recommend using jewellery dips or polishes as they may contain harsh chemicals. Wash your pieces with gentle hand soap, rinse well and dry thoroughly with a soft cloth or towel. 

Do not put your Ingrini Jewellery pieces under pressure. Do not leave them in direct sunlight for hours as it may cause fading.

Even though the petals are pressed, dried and cured in resin, please keep in mind that they could change colour over time. This is completely normal.

Returns and Repairs

Ingrini Return and Repair Policy

Ingrini’s goal is to make sure all customers are happy and do offer full refunds for damaged pieces.

If your Ingrini Jewellery piece fails during ordinary wear within 21 days because of defects or workmanship, Ingrini will repair or replace the piece at no cost.

If your Ingrini Jewellery piece is damaged after 21 days and falls within a one year warranty from the date of purchase, Ingrini offers resin surface repairs at no cost depending on an evaluation of photos received from the customer.

Returns must be securely packaged in the original Ingrini jewellery box. Please contact Ingrini directly to arrange returns.

Please allow 5 – 10 business working days (Monday – Friday), after your package is delivered to Ingrini for repairs or refunds to be completed. The product return time varies depending on the time of year, postal service and country.

Ingrini is not responsible for loss of jewellery after delivery has been accepted.

For inquiries on returns or repairs, please contact Ingrini via email at between 9am and 5pm (CET), Monday to Friday.



Ingrini is currently shipping to:

  • The Netherlands
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Denmark
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Ireland
  • Luxembourg
  • Portugal

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