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Hoi Hoi - Wall Decor - Square - Terracotta

Hoi Hoi - Wall Decor - Square - Terracotta

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Introducing Ingrini's first mosaic wall art decor, where every piece is a celebration of artistic craftsmanship. Each tile has been hand-cut to create a mesmerising mosaic that captures the essence of beauty and uniqueness.

But there's a special touch to these pieces.
The words Hoi Hoi, is inspired by the delightful Dutch expression for hey hey or hi hi - It's one of my favourite Dutch things, I love the way it sounds. 

Ingrini believes that art should not only adorn your space but also bring a smile to your face. Embrace the beauty of Hoi Hoi and let it infuse your home with warmth and creativity, just like the charming Dutch greeting.

Size: 18 cm x 18 cm (2 pieces)


This item belongs to Ingrini's Imperfectly Perfect Collection:
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Why is this piece Imperfectly Perfect

This mosaic piece is of my earliest endeavours, and although I find it impressive, there are surface irregularities stemming from tile displacement that went unnoticed. As I venture into creating mosaics with words in the future, I plan to craft a single cohesive piece rather than two separate ones.

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