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Misty Horizon - Wall Art Clock Decor - 20 cm

Misty Horizon - Wall Art Clock Decor - 20 cm

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Dive into a world of whimsy with Ingrini's handcrafted clocks that bring the serene beauty of misty water and nature landscapes to your space. 

Each clock is a playful masterpiece, born from a dance of blue, white, and gold hues, hand-poured with love and adorned with delicate Miyuki beads. 

Made with love, these unique timepieces are coated with a glossy resin finish for a touch of elegance. The finishing touch? Gleaming gold clock handles that add a dash of sophistication to your wall. 🕰️💖

Brighten up your space with Happy Horizon Wall Clocks – where every tick is a reminder to embrace joy and nature's beauty.

Size: 20 cm
Battery: AA (not included)

Silent Quartz Movement: Featuring an ultra-quiet scanning design, this clock is equipped with a continuous motion movement, ensuring a noise-free environment without any ticking sounds.

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